Babies grow so fast. If you are like most parents, your baby will outgrow diapers when you still have a supply of the smaller size. Okay, most of us can figure out how to return unused, unopened packages of diapers to the stores from which they came, but what do you do with the opened packs?

Heaven forbid you add to your environmental guilt by trashing them. It’s bad enough that we deal with that unpleasant fact with the used ones. Unfortunately, the awesome used diaper recycling programs by companies like Knowaste LLC are not universally available. So unless you live in Toronto, parts of California, or the U.K. you are out of luck there.

So what to do? Here are some ideas for the creative minded peeps:

  • In theory, they will work as a hot or cold compress. Just get them wet and either freeze or heat in the microwave for a few seconds. This is for those who have sore muscles and no issue with a diaper on their neck, back or wherever.
  • They are good for applying furniture varnish.
  • They make quick work of mopping up small floods or large spills.

You can also pass them on to other baby bottoms. For example:

  • You can give them to friends who are expecting or have a younger baby.
  • You can save them for the next baby. Wink, wink.
  • You can use them in a diaper cake at the next baby shower you host.

If you don’t know anyone who is expecting and you are not planning to have another child, you can always donate to charities. This is probably the best thing to do, as diapers are expensive and unfortunately many families have trouble buying them. Here are some ideas for places that will take donations of opened packages:

  • Churches
  • Homeless and women’s shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Family Planning Clinics
  • Regional Outreach Centers
  • High Schools
  • WIC offices
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Orphanages
  • Thrift stores

Try calling ahead to see if any of the charities in your area will accept open packages. Some will and some won’t. However, there are so many charities and you will find one that will be happy to accept them.

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