Safety First – Bedding for your Newborn

Hooray!  There is a baby on its way. This is an exciting time for new parents and often an uncertain one.  There are lots of decisions to be made the least of which is where the baby will sleep. Picking out the right bedding for a newborn can be quite intimidating for a new parent. There are so many choices and so much advice out there that it can be over whelming. You are concerned with safety, affordability, practicality, and of course style.  Regardless of what you choose as a bedding solution, there are a few things that every parent should keep in mind.  The first is safety.

How do you know what constitutes a safe sleeping arrangement?  While it may be tempting to save money on a crib by buying used or having someone give you a hand-me-down, cribs and bassinets are one of the places you child will spend most of his or her time as an infant and I recommend buying new for several reasons.  First and most importantly, if you buy new, you can be assured that your child’s bedding meets the most current safety standards.  Baby bedding is strictly regulated by federal and state governments.  Retailers are also held responsible for pulling any recalled merchandise off the market.  Many of them, such as Amazon, do this voluntarily before a mandatory recall.  Therefore, new, in this instance is really better. Because even if you haven’t done a lot of research, you can feel safe that you are not buying a product that has reported problems, such as injuries or, heaven forbid, death.  This is a terrifying thought, but should be a concern as the most preventable risk to newborns is suffocation from improper bedding.  For more information on current safe sleeping practices, see the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations at

Real resources: Sometimes trusting internet information can lead you down the wrong path.  For those who want a good reliable resource, check out an excellent book from the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know.”  It is a very affordable book, available in both paperback and a kindle edition. This book has it all, from sleep safety for newborns to solutions to common, and uncommon, sleep issues as your child grows.  It’s a great resource for containing the most current pediatrician recommendations.  Check it out and look inside the book by visiting the following links (Old Fashioned Book and eBook).

Another helpful book, for new parents which is also by the American Academy of Pediatrics is “Your Baby’s First Year: Third Edition.” The third edition has revised and updated to include two new chapters on sleep and allergies. It includes authoritative advice on all aspects of infant care, including:

• expanded sections on raising twins, multiples, and children with autism
• new material on prebiotics, probiotics, and the Tdap vaccine
• a month-to-month guide to your baby’s first year with vital facts on growth, behavior, and development
• a complete health encyclopedia covering illnesses, injuries, and disabilities
• advice on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and introducing solids
• guidelines for choosing a child care provider
• safety checks for home and car, including a car safety seat shopping guide
• And much more

Again this book is very affordable.


A step every parent should take

After you decide on what items to purchase, take the time to complete and mail the product’s registration form.  This will allow you to be informed of any safety recalls, and is easily the best step to protect your child.