Owl Baby Bedding Set Options and Reviews

Happi by Dena for Kids Line “Happi Tree” 8-Piece Nursery Super Bedding Set

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 6.04.01 PMThis Happi set by Dena is a great option for anyone looking for owl baby bedding,
The one size fits all might not be to everyone’s liking, depending on the size and style of your crib, but the pieces are very functional to work with and the only items you may experience that posing a problem for is with the fitted sheet and the bed skirt; The comforter, however, can be a little extra big or small and still look great inside the crib. However, I didn’t experience any issues with it, before or even after washing, and every piece fit perfectly like it was suppose to.  I washed it exactly how the instructions suggested doing so, in cold water and drying on the lowest setting. I also washed all the pieces together so they wouldn’t have as much space to move around in the washer and dryer, I think that helped with the owl crib sheets and other pieces not being tossed around so much in the cycles.

This owl nursery bedding was a great addition to my baby’s nursery. Once everything was set up and in its place, I knew I had made the right choice when it came to choosing this set. I wanted only the best for my baby girl and I got exactly that with this owl baby decor. A few other pieces that I had for the owl nursery decor were purple, and I had been given a stuffed animal owl at my baby shower; so because of that, I wanted to find something that closely matched to those pieces and I couldn’t believe my luck when I did.

My favorite thing in this entire set, has to be the quilt. Besides being beautiful and looking great, it feels great too. I wouldn’t want anything that feels rough going anywhere near my baby, but this owl baby blanket is very soft and I know my baby is very comfy when she’s wrapped up in it. Its been washed quite a few times already, and I’m very pleased to say that even after several handfuls of times, the blanket has remained soft to the touch and hasn’t lost any of it’s thickness. I also love the window valance that came included in this set, which was just an added bonus. I thought I would have a hard time matching pieces together if I had to buy them separately, but luckily because of this set, I didn’t have to do that. I couldn’t be happier with my owl baby nursery. It’s perfect now.  Below you will find other options for owl baby bedding sets.

Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl Unisex Baby Boy or Girl Bedding 9 pc Crib Set by Sweet Jojo Design

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 6.14.38 PMWhen I first started looking for nursery decor, I knew that I wanted it to be a light shade of blue as opposed to the usual shade you see in nursery’s for boys. When I came across this owl nursery bedding, I immediately fell in love with the turquoise shade of the owl crib bedding and the owl baby decor, I knew my baby boy’s nursery had to be owl themed now. I loved this set so much, I designed my whole son’s nursery around it. At the time of my search, I wasn’t even thinking of getting any owl nursery decor, it just came on spur of the moment once I saw this set and then suddenly nothing else would do. I simply love the design on all the pieces and the quality is exactly what I expect for my baby.

I must say, none of the other nursery bedding sets that I looked at offered a diaper stacker like this set did, and that alone makes a great addition to the owl nursery bedding. Overall, there isn’t a single bad thing I can say about this set. I loved it when I first saw it and then I loved it even more once my baby’s nursery was decorated with it. I couldn’t be more pleased at how it all turned out and I have no regrets about making this purchase. My son hasn’t even been born yet, still a few months away, but I sometimes go in his nursery and just look at how nice everything is set up and imagine how much he’s going to love it.

After seeing how much I loved this set, I had to buy the matching accessories because my owl nursery decor wouldn’t be complete had I not bought the matching items. The mobile, lamp shades, and wall decor only make this set that more lovely and completes my little boy’s nursery. I also bought the window treatments to go along with the window valence that’s already included in the set. Whether you have, or you’re going to have, a boy or a girl, this owl baby bedding and owl nursery decor is perfect regardless of the gender of your baby. The turquoise and splashes of color from the owls behind a white base is lovely and will make any baby’s nursery stand out, in my opinion. This bedding set is well with the price and I would definitely recommend.

CoCo & Company Owl Wonderland 4 Piece Crib Infant Bedding Set

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 6.16.51 PMOne of my favorite colors is purple and since I was going to be having a girl, I thought purple would be the best color to design my girl’s whole owl baby nursery in. The owl is also one of my favorite animals, and I wanted desperately to find owl baby decor that matched the shade of purple that I had in mind. I had came across a few sets, but nothing that really caught my interest enough to actually buy because I always figured, or at least hoped, that I would find something better and love the instant I saw it. I didn’t want anything that I had to ponder over about getting because I wasn’t sure about it, I knew I would only then likely regret the purchase later and wish I had waited.

Luckily, when I had almost given up, I came across this owl bedding nursery set and knew nothing else would do because this was simply perfect. I think the owls are just the cutest thing on the quilt, and it’s really soft to the touch. The sheet and dust ruffle fit the crib’s mattress perfectly and I had absolutely no issues with that. I also loved that this set came with a diaper stacker, I haven’t even thought about getting anything like that and probably wouldn’t of had it not been included in this set. I love that it matches with the bedding and the rest of the pieces. My owl baby nursery just looks complete now because of this set and I couldn’t be happier, nor could I have found anything better.

When it came to washing, I followed the instructions and washed in right in my washer and dryer on the recommend settings without any problems. If you’re wanting to design your baby’s nursery in purple shades and want it to be owl themed, this is definitely a set you should look into purchasing because I think you’ll be happy if you do. Every piece feels of great quality and I can tell will last a really long time. I’m pleased with my purchase and know I made the right choice when it came to deciding what type of decor to buy for my baby.

Skip Hop 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Treetop Friends

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 6.18.21 PMAfter looking all over the place, in several stores and online, for a owl crib bedding set that wasn’t so colorful and had more muted shades of color than anything else, I finally came across this owl crib bedding set by Skip Hop and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I hoped that it didn’t just look great online and wouldn’t live up to my expectations once I got it, however that proved not to be the case and I was overall pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this set. It looks even better set up in my baby’s nursery than it does in the few pictures online. Admittedly, I was a little worried about the bumpers though since from the pictures, they didn’t look as if they’d be stuffed and cushioned enough, but once I was able to see and feel them for myself, I realized that wasn’t the case.

After washing the entire owl baby bedding, in the delicate cycle for extra caution, everything came out great; The embroidery that was detailed on the comforter and the sheets stayed perfectly intact where they were without any falling off. The fabric also remained as soft as it was before having been washed, and there was absolutely no shrinkage issues and I was able to get everything fitted back in it’s place without a hitch. Even before washing, I had no problems getting the fitted sheet, the bumpers, or the crib skirt to fit. The colors on every piece as stayed true to their color and didn’t fade, and still haven’t after having been washed quite a few times now.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this owl baby decor and glad that I came across it.  The high ratings and reviews I found before purchasing this baby bedding set was absolutely correct. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of potentially buying this set or anyone who’s in the market for owl baby bedding. This set is great for either a girl or a boy since the colors are so neutral and warm. I’m sure if my baby girl could talk, she would tell me that she loves the owl baby decor as much as I do. Because it’s not gender specific, it can be used for your next baby, as well. Since I even liked this set so much, I intend on purchasing a few more of the matching pieces, such as the coordinating pillows and the owl baby blanket, to go along with the pieces that I already have.

SoHo Owl Tree Party Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set with Diaper bag 13 pcs set

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 6.20.06 PMI must say that the quality of this owl nursery bedding is a lot more amazing than thought it would. I feared, because of the price that it would only look great, but for what it had in style, it would lack in quality. I’m glad however that I took the chance and actually purchased it. This owl nursery decor was just too cute to pass up and hoped it was worth the risk, which it was I’m pleased to say. I just loved that this owl baby decor came with so many matching things. As promised by the description, every piece fit perfectly and I had no problems whatsoever with that. It just proves not all ‘cheap’ things are low quality.

When it came time to washing the owl baby blanket and the owl crib sheets, plus the bumper, I once again got worried about the quality of the set. Since most of the owl crib bedding consists of embroidery, I feared some of the pieces would fall off during the wash or drying cycle. I was careful to wash the pieces in cold water on the gentle cycle and then on the lowest heat setting my dryer would allow when it came to drying everything. Fortunately, after a close inspection once everything was dried, I’m pleased to say that not one of the embroidered pieces fell off; they all remained intact and the owl baby blanket, owl crib sheets, and the bumper remained as beautiful as they were pre-wash. Even post-wash all the pieces fit back into place and I still didn’t experience any issues with having to make anything fit.

Overall, I love everything about this owl baby bedding set. It’s perfect for my little girl and I can only imagine that she loves it as much as I do, at least I sure hope she does. I would have loved this set had it just come with the owl baby bedding, it’s just a plus that it comes with the 3-piece diaper bag, baby bib, and valences for my windows so the whole nursery looks pulled together. I even got compliments on my owl baby nursery when a few of my friends came over and they all wanted to know where I got such a lovely set. I would definitely recommend this, don’t be swayed away like I almost was, because you’ll be missing out on an amazing owl baby decor if you do.